An efficient way of managing supply chain operations

We deliver holistic solutions for enterprises looking to remove complexities from their fleet operations for more performance & profitability by a close knit integration of stakeholders, assets and systems.

Service to Your Customers

Improve customer  satisfaction with real-time route tracking, ETA and route updates

Holistic 360° View

Keep an eye on your fleet operations & performance in real-time from a centralized view.

On a Global Scale

Manage & operate centrally, delivering results to meet your organizations growing global demands.

Actionable Intelligence

Data driven analytics for informed decision making & exceptional customer engagement

Globetouch Products

Improve Fleet Utilization & Reduce fuel cost

Improve fleet utilization and fuel efficiency by efficient route planning and keeping tabs on idling time for each vehicle. Understand the driving behaviour of your drivers to train them better for optimum fleet performance.

Reduce Pilferage & increase transparency

Increased shelf-life of your perishable moving cargo with realtime temperature and humidity monitoring. Transparency for all the stakeholders across your cold-chain operations.

Deliver more with On-demand Fleet services

Uberize the logistics operations from demand generation to order completion. Make the most of available resources, ultimately providing more efficient and faster deliveries.

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