Connect, manage and control your IoT/M2M Devices and Services

Globetouch empowers telcos to gain in-depth insights of accounts and services; allowing business to seamlessly expand across technologies, regions and multiple networks.

Rapidly launch and manage your monetization services worldwide through a unified, reliable & secure platform with low cost of ownership.

Managing cost & complexity of your connected devices made easy with 24/7 visibility and control over device connectivity.

Accelerate your time to market and cost-effective management of Low Power IoT Applications on a single platform.

Connectivity in Limelight


Total number of connected devices by 2023


of IoT telecom services market worldwide


Current digital revenue registered by most operators worldwide

Solution to complex problem of global management of connectivity

Many of the existing solutions are native in nature for a specific carrier or technology and do not employ a single platform approach. The result is that these ‘older’ solutions do not address today’s problems, which can encompass:

Connected Devices to be shipped and managed globally by OEMs

End Users, Multiple service providers want to integrate and access Device Services and Applications

As a service provider you need to ensure stable connectivity throughout the globe

Require robust usage, billing, control and diagnostics for large scale deployments

Identify the Faulty Devices Faster

Leverage the GTStar platform for monitoring device traffic, usage reporting, and customizable device-level alerting capabilities to identify device anomalies before they impact your end-customer.

Resolve Connectivity Issues Proactively

Lower operational costs by resolving issues immediately with self-service troubleshooting and support tools, including real-time visibility into network activity, alerts to identify problem devices, and the ability to force action onto a device, such as network re-registration or SMS commands.

Control Costs Throughout the Supply Chain

Tightly manage and automate your supply chain and control costs with device provisioning, in-factory testing, automated end-user activations, and on-demand billing suspension.

Overview of the Complete IoT Ecosystem

With a massive increase in connected devices, it will be harder to stay in control and gain an overview of your IoT ecosystem.

Monetize your Investment

Globetouch empowers telcos to explore IoT monetization beyond connectivity and increasing their role in IoT Ecosystem

Intelligent Connectivity

Vertical Handover to maximize throughput and optimize utilization of wireless networks

Actionable Connectivity Analytics with on-demand coverage diagnosis with usage & connectivity details

Future-proof solution with complete SIM lifecycle management


Enhancing Existing Communication Services with Context Awareness

Split Charging & Billing Management Capabilities to promote changing Business models

Controlled secure APIs for Application enablement, service delivery & management

Industry Use Cases

Car Connectivity

Manage and monetize connected services for any vehicle worldwide

Global Connectivity

Data Monetization

API Management

Service Control

IoT Connectivity Management

Real-time visibility and control over device connectivity

Device Usage & Performance

Service Reliability

Multi-layered Security

API Integrations

Connectivity for NB-IoT

Unified platform to manage usage of Low Power IoT Applications

Real-time Cost Monitoring

Rate Plan Management

OTA Provisioning

Personalized Services

Application & Service Enablement

Real-time visibility and control over device connectivity

Device Usage & Performance

Service Reliability

Multi-layered Security

API Integrations

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