GStack at a Glance

GStack is an open, cloud-based platform providing connectivity and application delivery for connected products eco-system. Device OEMs can extend new profitable services for consumers increasing revenues and customer experience

GStack Key Offerings

Explore the key features that make us the global leading provider of IoT software and solutions.

Intelligent Edge Connectivity

GStack provides a context-aware multi-path connectivity solution for geographically disparate assets. Intelligent edge control facilitates decision making in the field and as per the changing parameters such as available bandwidths, ad-hoc network selection and vertical handover (LTE, 5G, Satellite, WiFi, etc.)

Asset Management

Efficient asset management with a suite of capabilities such as:

  • Asset lifecycle and identity management
  • Asset digital twin models physical asset in digital space
  • Remote diagnostics and configuration management
  • Asset performance management & real-time alerts


GStack provides a multi-layered approach to overcome security vulnerabilities and challenges that come with a connected ecosystem.

  • Network security based on firewalls and DMZ
  • Access Security using device identity, OAuth 2.0 and SSL encryption
  • Application security including multi-factor authentication
  • Strict database separation between tenants and audit logging

Real-time Analytics

Enterprises can seamlessly collect and analyze streaming data to perform real-time, large-scale and high-speed analytics for immediate insights.

  • Smart rules
  • Graphical KPI trending
  • Extensive real-time streaming analytics
  • Analytics applications
  • Interactive dashboards & reports
  • ML and analytics development engine

3rd Party Integrations

Seamless integration for interoperability

  • Connect cloud applications, back-office systems, and OT historians
  • Deploy integrations reliably, securely and quickly
  • API developer portal & integration SDKs
  • Built-in API gateway for transaction control & billing

Plugins & Applications

Clear path to create a tailored monetization ecosystem.

  • Service orchestration
  • API enablement
  • Data explorer and application sandbox
  • Real-time dashboard builder
  • Single screen application launch & enablement

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Success Stories

Connected Quality Control for world’s largest two-wheeler manufacturer

World’s leading two-wheeler manufacturer roll-out a fully automated and AI enabled quality control for equipment testing with GStack ecosystem.

Energy Management for India’s leading power solutions provider

India’s leading power solutions company provide connected power systems, with remote diagnostics, energy monitoring and performance management of field infra.

Connected Product management for China’s leading device OEM

One of the leading device manufacturers in China is providing connected products for its customers globally with GStack global connectivity and device management.