Manage Device Connectivity, Globally

Meet the IoT needs of your enterprise customers with a unified connectivity management suite from Globetouch for both local and global markets. GControl Connectivity Management Platform allows enterprises to manage and control the aspects of cellular and NBIoT connectivity to their networked assets on a global scale with a single unified solution.

Identify new revenue models by enabling B2C services and creating an IoT marketplace

Unified platform for local & global markets – to provision, manage & control eSIM for quick time to market

Connected car platform ready solution to engage with car makers and provide in-car connectivity

Ready to use API library for integration of enterprise systems and operators’ core network for a seamless deployment

Bring operational efficiency in managing your IoT connections

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GControl at a Glance

With ready connected car and B2C IoT services, operators can quickly realize the IoT revenue with GControl.

GControl Key Offerings

Explore the key platform features enabling a Global market reach.

GControl Web Portal

A multi-tenant, easy-to-access cloud-based portal with complete control on inventory & order management. Enabling full visibility of service/rate plans, usage information with the ability to run real-time connectivity diagnostics.

  • Multi-layered Account Management
  • Account Creation & User Management
  • Secured Authentication Management
  • Device Management
  • Rate Plan Management
  • Billing & Invoicing

SIM Lifecycle Management

A comprehensive SIM inventory and lifecycle management module enabling full control and visibility into the connectivity state of the eSIMs currently loaded onto the platform.

  • SIM Upload
  • SIM Part & Price management
  • SIM order management
  • Online order management

Subscription Management

Monitor, manage and control every eUICC profiles uploaded on to the platform with easy activation, operation and provisioning of these profiles via secure subscription management servers.

  • eSIM Profile Manager
  • Assign Data & Service Plans
  • eSIM Service Status Monitoring
  • Change SIM state

Service & Rate Plan Management

Create and manage service plans and coverage, by determining types of service bundles and set of countries & networks as a part of the device offering e.g. Voice, SMS, Data, Roaming, etc.

  • Create/Edit/Delete service plans
  • Define service coverage area
  • Enable roaming service plans

Manage Low Power IoT Connections

Manage connectivity for your NB-IoT deployments with efficiency and optimized costs to leverage geographically dispersed low energy consumption, low data transfer demands from a wide range of IoT applications.

  • Manage Multiple Connection Types
  • Customizable Service Packages
  • Automation to Manage Scale
  • Complete Real-time Visibility & Insights

Split Billing

Globetouch Mediation platform takes care of split billing functions to segregate usage to be charged to OEM from the usage to be charged to the consumer.

  • CDR Collection & Enrichment
  • CDR Reconciliation
  • CDR Processing & Usage Segregation
  • Invoice Generation for various parties
  • Reporting and MIS

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Success Stories

Delivering IoT connectivity management to a telco with global footprint

GControl deployment for a major MNO in middle east has helped them become connected car ready and engage with auto manufacturers to provide global network services

Global managed connectivity for a major European automaker

Wtih GControl connectivity management platform one of the Europe’s biggest car makers are delivering value added services in-car such as infotainment, ride sharing, telematics, etc.

Connectivity & Application Enablement to leading car maker in U.S.

Globetouch is enabling a leading car maker in the U.S. to provide rich digital experience inside car fuelled by global managed connectivity