Connectivity & M2M Solutions

We provide M2M specialty solutions, which enable businesses to connect devices to the Internet.

Through managing multiple networks, we remove the complexity and high connectivity costs that make execution of M2M solutions challenging.

Our specialist service of connecting devices and machines to the Internet can provide businesses with a world of potential opportunities to engage and retain customers.

We understand the complexity involved in assembling and delivering M2M solutions to market, which is why we offer an end-to-end service, removing any barriers and providing a transparent and affordable model.

Our service delivery platforms offer aggregation services to connect a range of devices, at a low cost, across a range of geographies with the relevant support and aftercare.

Just some of the devices that we connect are smart phones, wearables, connected cars, tablets and MiFi devices.

Other services we provide

Operator Ecosystem

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Operation and Business Support Services

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