GConnect is the cloud SIM hub providing the foundation for interoperability and client support within the IoT.

It allows dynamic provisioning of apps and enables connectivity between the many different types of device, from smartphones to sensors, with support for the key wireless protocols.

GConnect also includes full client support with gclient catering for the wide variety of use cases through two variants – client e-SIM and client IoT. Client e-SIM comprises an embedded or soft SIM bundled with the device, which keeps the cost low and maximizes battery life by performing security and authentication related functions on a single low powered processor. Client IoT enables more secure data transfer, as required by applications involving financial transactions or personal information, while also supporting more complex use cases.

The proposition for end to end IoT interoperability has been strengthened by the GlobeConnect IoT Management Center, which is a major step forward for the industry. This allows operators and enterprises to manage, monitor and control their customers’ devices via the GlobeConnect portal.

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