We offer a diverse range of flexible models and solutions

We are the leading global end to end ecosystem for the Internet of Things, serving diverse vertical markets from the connected car to energy.

We offer a comprehensive range of flexible models and solutions for businesses worldwide in all these sectors, building on our unique cloud SIM mobile infrastructure.

Through our operational/business support systems and partnerships with mobile operators around the world, we excel not just in connecting devices globally but also integrating complete IoT solutions. With our IoT stack, we put our OEM or enterprise customers in full control over their strategy and performance. 

We handle all the network and IT integration, enabling small to medium enterprises and global corporations get to market quickly and cost effectively. Our end-to-end solution can be designed and launched in a matter of weeks, without compromising on quality of service. 

We enable enterprises to offer their customers a seamless user experience wherever they are in the world, with features such as split billing and sponsored services.


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