Product Overview

One Platform for IoT Deployment, Management and Monetization


Globetouch provides a game changing experience for the IoT/M2M Industry players from its GStack platform that simplifies the deployment and realization of IoT/M2M Services.



GConnect provides carrier neutral global connectivity fabric that provides the “Internet” for the Internet of Things. Built with multiple endpoints for local breakout and powered by the patented Globetouch’s CloudSIM technology, it allows us to deliver turnkey solutions and services that support a large number of use cases working with our ecosystem of mobile operators that otherwise are not able to be delivered by one single mobile operator or a single mobile operator group. The simplified and robust local breakout nodes address the key regulatory requirements appropriately as per the geography and at the same time address multiple requirements of different industry verticals such as Automotive, Industrial IoT, and M2M.



GControl is the IoT Connectivity Management Center that enables enterprises of all sizes & verticals to launch and manage their IoT services on global scale. GControl handles critical connectivity management functions for IoT such as handling lifecycle of the SIMs, inventory/asset management, user profile management, rate management and association, subscription management, split billing & invoicing, and diagnostics.



GFusion provides the intelligent management and application enablement layer for the IoT Platform. GFusion provides easy and secure integration of devices and edge network sensors, and enables the optimization of business processes with accurate real-time machine data processing and analytics. GFusion can communicate with multiple things (devices & sensors) in the IoT world over the connectivity either enabled by GControl/GConnect or other forms of connectivity, collect the data as well as provide support for Application Enablement through open APIs.


IoT Applications

Globetouch GStack platform also provides multiple IoT Applications for different industry verticals. These applications address specific use cases for the Automotive, Telecommunications, Infotainment, and Industrial IoT verticals. Independently they have been used by several leading customers in these industries and are primed to meet all of the demands of Smart Cities. The applications cover some of the key industry requirements such as intelligent fleet management, fleet dispatch, work-force management, (remote) infrastructure management, predictive maintenance, connected supply chain, service & revenue assurance and customer experience.