Industry Use Cases



The challenge of power vendor diversity requires a solution that effectively processes unstructured data from multiple sources. Smart Energy Management, provided by Globetouch Stack’s GFusion, offers businesses and power distributors an opportunity to mitigate this challenges via a vendor and client agnostic platform. The platform not only measures and displays energy consumption, but applies custom business logic rules to optimize maintenance schedules and event response proactively. With real-time data, the dashboard can display: usage, service interruptions, and user quantity. The data will also inform when to push out decisions based on predetermined and self-determining rules. These tools improve the system by increasing uptime, decreasing theft and inefficiency related costs. The implementation of a unified view of current throughout the system increases revenue opportunities by painting a complete picture of the energy distribution operation.

Applying IoT analytics to energy systems enables otherwise ineffective energy management systems to rein in costs associated with wastage and theft. But these systems present a variety of challenges that require analysis and optimization both at power sources and power uses.

Challenges and barriers to growth that some of the business experience include:

  • An increase in demand for power usage effectiveness and cost control 

  • Need for effective management of energy wastage
  • Lack of real-time energy monitoring for disparate critical data center facilities
  • Delayed responses to events

The disparate nature of the distribution system in emerging markets compounds the difficulty of each of these challenges. In India, for example, theft schemes tend to rely on intermittent siphoning of power from sources across a variety of power sources and uses. The varied nature of the threat means that pattern analysis is essential to determine if theft is occurring at all. GFusion provides the framework to build applications that address theft by aggregating many sources of data into a single dashboard. The GIS capabilities allow this dashboard to clearly convey trends in power usage. Thus, it is particularly valuable to view data on energy consumption, costs, users, and alerts in real time on a dashboard that incorporates GIS and threshold analysis to indicate anomalies in real-time.

The real value add of the Globetouch Stack is the opportunity to not only source both the analytics and connectivity packages from the same vendor, but access device management capabilities that tie your operation together. In particular, operations with many moving parts, such as energy grid maintenance and electric fleet recharging networks can derive massive value from the full stack solution. By centralizing device management alongside analytics, organizations can use GControl to ensure the quality of data that feeds into any analytics application built on the GFusion platform.

GFusion addresses the challenges of energy management by:

  • Offering a vendor agnostic platform for measurement of energy consumption
  • Providing powerful analytics to prioritize actions
  • Comparative analysis of energy cost for new equipment
  • Pushing out threshold based alerts & automation

This built-in analysis tool, tailored specifically to enable Smart Energy, increases uptime and ease of predictive maintenance. The global communication ecosystem allows for fault and performance management; health, usage, and impact analysis; as well as quality and capacity augmentation, which in turn allows lower power devices to function within the system and process data at the edge with low data usage rates. Through the enablement of quick resource deployment, combined with GConnect and GControl, Globetouch Stack offers a highly robust end to end solution for Smart Energy Management.