Industry Use Cases


Connected Car

With accelerating automotive industry shift, the manufacturer and consumer relationships are transforming from product to a service mindset. Business models are updating from “Ship & Forget” to “Ship & Update.”

It is safe to envision a connected car as a smartphone on wheels. With the advent of autonomous driving and Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS), the driver and co-passengers now are more inclined towards in-car services such as infotainment, concierge services, ride-sharing, etc. The two vital agents to truly connected car are reliable connectivity & real-time data management and processing.

“Connectivity will enable the Cars to host rich free-market applications that will enrich the driving experience beyond unimaginable limits.”

As car data usage quickly increases and burgeoning businesses, such as ride-sharing depend on it, accessible, dependable, and global network connectivity will be indispensable. Real-time, uninterrupted access to OTT and third-party services, event detection and actionable output for car’s predictive maintenance and edge computing will be the rule for more efficient network utilization. As these networks scale and refine their cost will decrease.

Globetouch’s envisions connected car as an ecosystem of manufacturers, OEMs, consumer, service providers and fleet owners partnering and exchanging the services and products during the lifecycle of a connected vehicle.

GStack is our revolutionary IoT/connected car stack that brings this vision to reality. Our suit connects you with 800+ network operations in over 180 countries under single connectivity umbrella and further extends to the connected car data management and processing. Globetouch enables connected car technologies and use cases such as V2V & V2X communication, on-demand services, usage based Insurance, collision reporting, driver behavior, ADAS, and much more.

Globetouch GStack