The next generation platform for the Connected Car

Application centric & Micro-service driven GTStar Connectivity and Application Enablement Platform enables automotive OEMs to connect and deliver applications, content and services inside the car to derive value.

GTStar Features

Edge & Service Control

Edge SDK provide a number of micro services that can be enabled for use cases like Smart connectivity, Data Compression, Rating & Monetization at the Vehicle TCU Level.

  • Context aware smart connectivity
  • Real-time Decisions and Action Dispatch
  • Monetize with Contextual Content Push
  • Minimal CPU Footprint
  • More Data at Same Cost with data compression

Intelligent Connectivity

Globetouch provides global and carrier neutral connectivity management for the vehicles.

  • Context Aware
  • Vertical Handover between Satcom, LTE and WiFi
  • Split Billing
  • Future proof 5G readiness
  • Autonomous vehicle ready
  • Coverage Analytics


GTStar provides a multi-layered approach to overcome security vulnerabilities and challenges that comes with a connected ecosystem.

  • Network security based on firewalls and DMZ
  • Device identity, OAuth 2.0 and SSL based access security
  • Application security including multi-factor authentication
  • Strict database separation between tenants and audit logging

Data Management

GTStar Data Management understands the context behind vehicle data and use case

  • Data Compression
  • Co-relation & Analysis
  • Privacy and Consent
  • Clearing & Settlement
  • Datasets for Deep Learning
  • Third party dataset integration

Application Enablement

Clear path to create a tailored monetization ecosystem.

  • Controlled Secure API
  • Service delivery and Management
  • AI and IoT Apps Workflows
  • Billing & Usage
  • App Sandbox & Marketplace

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Success Stories

Connected Car for a leading car maker in U.S.

Globetouch GTStar platform is enabling a leading car maker in U.S. to provide rich digital experience inside car fuelled by global managed connectivity

Global managed connectivity for a mojor European automaker

A leading automaker in Europe is delivering a reliable in-car connectivity experience to its customers with GTStar

On-road Assistance for Asia’s leading truck manufacturer

A leading commercial vehicle manufacturer of Asia guarantees 2 hour response time to breakdowns enabled by GTStar ecosystem