Globetouch and VMware; Partners at MWC Barcelona and in Outlook on the IoT Market — MWC Barcelona – Feb. 26-Mar. 1, 2018, Hall 3, Stand 3K10


By Riccardo Di Blasio, CEO of Globetouch

We’re excited to announce that Globetouch (GTI) will be part of the VMware and Affirmed Networks multi-partner solution presentation at MWC Barcelona, happening February 26th through March 1st. Full disclosure, I enjoyed many years of working at VMware, however, the reasons for GTI being part of their presentation are far beyond personal.

One of the characteristics that attracted me to Globetouch is something I experienced while at VMware. Both organizations were built on the idea of creating solutions for unmet and underserved market demands. This approach depends on a healthy balance of risk (does the market need this?), future telling (will the market need this?), and self-awareness (might the market accept us?). Both companies jumping on the vast opportunities in the NFV/ IoT space.

By creating a “virtual machine,” VMware made computing more easily and seamlessly accessible to more people, more quickly, and more economically. And with the creation of the VMware Pulse IoT Center, they’re able to offer an enterprise-grade, IoT device management and monitoring solution that addresses a lot of the challenges around IoT and enables both OT and IT organizations to onboard, manage, monitor and secure their IoT use cases from the edge all the way to the cloud. GTI’s vision is similar VMWare, and from our side it is our aim deliver uninterrupted connectivity to IoT devices and automobiles, wherever they are, anywhere across the globe.

Smartphones are no longer the only consumer device designed for and demanding connectivity. Today, a myriad of devices or operational equipment manufacturers (OEMs) are creating products that connect to other OEMs (M2M), platforms, apps, etc. Mobile network operators (MNOs) have long established prominence, leadership, and infrastructure for existing cellular demands, predominantly for smartphones, tablets, and internet connection, which covers the majority of connectivity demands. But what about the burgeoning markets that still want to access connectivity easily and dependably, and without roaming fees? This is where GTI brings value to the OEM and our MNO partners.

OEMs have global coverage needs. Navigating the operator market is extremely time-consuming and takes constant management. Most operators are regional, and thus must adhere to disparate national regulations and policies. Once the agreements are realized, the OEM needs to manage their future connected fleets of devices, whether they are cars, drones, vessels, etc., on a single pane of glass and with a simple platform that aggregates all connectivity. Globetouch allows OEMs to have flexible access to local MNOs all over the world, enabling device deployment from anywhere in the world, so all they have to worry about is creation and device distribution, while a partnership with Globetouch manages the connectivity.

While MNOs provide excellent coverage, service, and infrastructure in their native market, with few exceptions they can’t provide an end-to-end global coverage that provides a raw pipe. Nor can they integrate that pipe with a state-of-the-art IoT management platform that allows for many demands like product management and deployment, cybersecurity and real-time analytics.

GTI is the solution that meets the needs of both parties:

GTI offers a virtual global connectivity layer, which is powered by Tier-1 MNOs and is accessible in 180 countries. OEMs can connect their devices to a single point of aggregation, management, security, and data analytics.
Local MNOs can use the GTI IoT platform to increase their market reach and secure more business and more data traffic. GTI can also provide global “white labeled” services to OEMs, and in essence, turn local MNOs into global MNOs, thereby giving them a competitive bid for global connectivity businesses not only for connectivity services but also as an IoT platform.

GTI currently supports more than eight-million devices generating a petabyte of data traffic. You can read more about what we’re doing on our website or come and see us in action at MWC Barcelona, Feb. 26 – Mar 1, 2018, Hall 3, Stand 3K10. As part of the VMware and Affirmed Networks multi-partner solution presentation, you’ll be able to see our vision in person as we supply the connectivity for Nightingale Securities Robotic Aerial Security Drone. Every half-hour, the Nightingale team will present live remote video surveillance (in RGB & thermal), object-recognition, and geo-fencing from a drone all the way across the world. Something that might never have been able to be done before if it weren’t for forward thinking companies that predict and service the unmet markets of the world.