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Connected Cars

With autonomous driving on the horizon and augmented reality being deployed now for safety and infotainment, cars are becoming giant computers and auto manufacturers will be serious players in the IT space. Globetouch is at the forefront of this revolution with its CloudSIM solution for the connected car, recognized by winning the prestigious GSMA Asia Mobile Award for "Best Mobile Innovation for Connected Lifestyle" in 2016. This solves supply-chain challenges for automotive makers, who can build and ship cars anywhere in the world with a single data connectivity solution.

The connected car is becoming a focal point for the fast emerging personal IoT sector, where individuals will have their own identities transferable across different services. Globetouch is supporting personal applications centred around the connected car, such as virtual keys, where users can open doors to both premises and vehicles, as well as access IoT services, wherever they are. This will enable novel use cases, such as personal car insurance with discounts for safe driving supported by in-vehicle monitoring.

Connected Devices

Personal IoT services represent a huge opportunity for OEMs and enterprises, centred around the smartphone which users have on them at all times, but also exploiting tablets, wearables and other devices. Unlike some other branches of IoT, such services must support device mobility as well as end to end connectivity, all fully integrated into the apps, which will be enabled through access to the cloudSIM based ecosystem. With data usage continuing to increase at an explosive rate, especially internationally, the ability to provide low cost tariffs through the global Globetouch network of partner MNOs is essential.

Globetouch is rolling out a package called FiGO allowing users to purchase local-rate mobile data plans from an app, which will extend to the whole world and cover all connected devices. Equally importantly, Globetouch provides all the IoT layers above the connectivity layer, including an app for building the UI and dashboard, as well as REST (Representational State Transfer) APIs for constructing and integrating the overlying IoT service applications.

IoT & M2M

Globetouch has a complete IoT stack serving all sectors of IoT and M2M that require connectivity and integration. Apart from Connected Car and Connected Devices, Globetouch has solutions for Fleet Management, Drones/unmanned aircraft and the Smart Home, as well as others such as eHealth in the near future. Globetouch works across all business verticals and covers the entire spectrum of mobile connectivity, with clients including mobile operators, M2M service providers, MVNOs, OTT providers, connected devices OEMs, device distributors and enterprises offering our end-to-end IoT solutions to their customers.

The proposition has been strengthened by the launch of the GlobeConnect IoT Management Center, which is a major step forward for the industry. This allows operators and enterprises to manage, monitor and control their customers’ devices via the GlobeConnect portal. Globetouch can manage all devices across their life cycles, separated into different target platforms, with enablement of applications through open APIs.