About Us


Globetouch offers access to a cloud-based global ecosystem for M2M and IoT devices.

We are a Global Operator built on an ecosystem of mobile operator networks. Offering seamless connectivity through our enabling infrastructure,we are the only mobile operator owned, funded and supported. We are an agnostic service provider of M2M and IoT solutions. With datacenters in multiple locations, our network is extensive, enabling us to provide connectivity for a wide range of devices and operators, while empowering a multitude of business models internationally.

Offering operational and business support solutions, we can help enterprises deliver seamless customer experiences, with the latest innovative technologies available. This coupled with our M2M solutions and operator ecosystem makes us a leader in global connectivity services. Each solution is tailored for your business and can be designed and launched in a matter of weeks, enabling unparalleled speed to market for customers.

Our Core Values


Our customers, together with our employees, are the most important assets of Globetouch. They are the ones who can and will decide the future of this company, and if we make them happy, they will be our best evangelists for a very long time in the future. We build our strategy starting from the customer and then we go backwards, not the other way around.
Integrity is a dogma at Globetouch, not an opinion. Between making profits and doing the right thing, first we do the right thing, then everything else.
We love brave missions that take us into areas where most others hesitate to go. We take on challenges that no else will because we want to make history by building one of the best companies around, and we do this with passion because we care.
We are literally addicted to innovation and we force ourselves to always push the envelope and constantly raise the bar higher. We want to design and build innovative technologies so that our customers can run better businesses and please their clients. We don’t compromise over quality vs. quantity. Innovation is the main engine driving everything we do.
Our company is composed of people from many different cultures, religions, opinions, styles, geographies, and languages. We take great pride in the diversity of our team, because for us it is a key asset of our company culture and something make us better.