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Who we are

Globetouch is a global connectivity solution for businesses worldwide. With offices around the world, and datacenters in multiple locations, our network enables us to provide connectivity for a wide range of devices and operators.

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Our Products



GFusion is the intelligent management hub of the IoT ecosystem.

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GControl is the critical component at the heart of the Globetouch IoT offering.

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GConnect is the cloud SIM hub providing the foundation for interoperability and client support within the IoT.

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Connected Cars

With autonomous driving on the horizon and augmented reality being deployed now for safety and infotainment, cars are becoming giant computers and auto manufacturers will be serious players in the IT space.

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Connected Devices

Personal IoT services represent a huge opportunity for OEMs and enterprises, centred around the smartphone which users have on them at all times, but also exploiting tablets, wearables and other devices.

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IoT & M2M

Globetouch has a complete IoT stack serving all sectors of IoT and M2M that require connectivity and integration.

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