Core Networking

Intelligent MVNE

The Intelligent MVNE platform is a cloud-based,
analytics-driven mobile virtual network enabler that can create a ‘Telco in a Cloud’ in any geography across the world. Intelligent MVNE provides a full MVNO infrastructure that can run a full MVNO in any country.

Carrier Services

GlobeTouch ensures that all calls made by outbound roamers from visited networks are routed in an optimal manner with improved quality so as to maximize the margin that accrues to the home operator.

CloudSIM Ecosystem

The CloudSIM Ecosystem enables Mobile Operators (MNOs and MVNOs) to face the challenge of profitably targeting the Global Traveler by offering competitive roaming rates and many other features that provide them with a competitive advantage.

Multi-Number Solutions

GlobeTouch offers roamers, multiple local or international numbers on the same SIM for short term or long term use.


GlobeTouch enables seamless global connectivity for enterprise employees on a variety of networks – 2G, 3G, 4G, M2M/IOT, WiFi and MiFi.

MVNO Analytics

With Mobileum’s rich analytics suite, GlobeTouch offers MNOs and MVNOs a multi-dimensional view of their subscriber base and can enable a segment-of-1-customer experience by converting subscriber data into wisdom.