Globetouch Drives IoT Global Connectivity

The Largest Global Virtualized Connectivity Fabric for M2M and IoT Devices.
Any Location. Any Network. Any Device.


Globetouch offers access to a cloud-based global ecosystem for M2M and IoT devices.

We are a Global Operator built on an ecosystem of mobile operator networks. Offering seamless connectivity through our enabling infrastructure,we are the only mobile operator owned, funded and supported. We are an agnostic service provider of M2M and IoT solutions. With datacenters in multiple locations, our network is extensive, enabling us to provide connectivity for a wide range of devices and operators, while empowering a multitude of business models internationally.

Offering operational and business support solutions, we can help enterprises deliver seamless customer experiences, with the latest innovative technologies available. This coupled with our M2M solutions and operator ecosystem makes us a leader in global connectivity services. Each solution is tailored for your business and can be designed and launched in a matter of weeks, enabling unparalleled speed to market for customers.


Globetouch connects you with 400+ network operations in over 180 countries through one connection


Globetouch’s Global IoT/M2M Platform – called GStack, provides global cellular connectivity for realization of IoT/M2M services. GStack is a device and industry agnostic platform that provides full capabilities for connectivity, management and application enablement for IoT/M2M services.


  • Automotive
    Offers solutions for Connected Cars, Fleet Management, Fleet Dispatch, Work Force Automation
  • Industrial
    Offers solutions for Infrastructure Management, Asset Management, Connected Supply Chain
  • Telecommunications
    Offers solutions for Remote infrastructure management, Network Management, Global Connectivity Services
  • Device Access
    Operate value-adding, reliable and secure connected services with support for auto-discovery, Embedded Agents, fail-over mechanisms, alarm triggers and redundancy
  • Connect & Capture
    Integrate hardware and software to capture the data from all your connected machines and devices over varied protocols.
  • Data Management
    Easy-to-access high performance M2M data model to provide a common operational picture, hence turning information into action.
  • Service Enablement
    Service Enablement module to create service mashups, specific to end-customers transforming device data to Application ready information
  • Enterprise Integration
    Open REST APIs integration to visualize data and manage connected devices
  • Integration Framework
    Extensible framework built on industry standards to accelerate integration between the Platform and enterprise systems or Applications
  • Connectivity Management
    Cloud based Global Connectivity Management Platform that enables enterprises of all sizes & verticals to launch and manage their IoT services on global scale
  • Service Management
    Manage subscription, rate & service profile for the end devices as per the needs
  • Inventory/Asset Management
    Manage setup, provisioning, allocation/deallocation of devices as per the business needs
  • Global Connectivity Fabric
    Global connectivity fabric built with a combinaton patented CloudSIM™ Multi-IMSI technology and local breakout nodes geographically distributed around the world
  • Multiple SIM technologies (Physical SIM, eSIM, SoftSIM)
    Supports multiple SIM technologies such as Physical SIM, eSIM, SoftSIM as required by the end device
  • Regulations
    Realization of connectivity solutions as per local regulations supporting permanent roaming, temporary roaming or local profiles


Industries We Serve

The world is growing more connected everyday, our global connectivity management platform puts you in control of your business


Driving the connected car

The car is the new center of connectivity, from infotainment to ride-sharing, the automotive industry’s future has arrived.


IoT supports fleet management

Autonomous navigation brings a new paradigm to the freight industry.


Real-time analytics makes energy smart

Applying IoT analytics to energy systems creates efficiencies.


Automating the workforce

Globetouch has partnered with CloudMinds to develop cloud-based applications and platforms that employ robots.